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2012年11月Future Markets Inc.より「2017年までのナノファイバーアルミナ、ポリマー、カーボン及びセルロース)の世界市場」が発刊された。

The report estimates the value and progress of the market with nanofibers: Global revenues for nanofiber-enabled products were estimated US$382.1 million in 2011, growing to around US$852.3 million by 2017. Main markets for polymer nanofibers are in air and water filtration, composites and textiles. Polymeric nanofibers account for the main bulk
of the current revenues
for nanofibers, finding application across a number of sectors. Alumina nanofibers are mainly used in filtration applications. Carbon nanofibers are beginning to find application across a raft of industries including electronics, composites, energy and medicine and life sciences. Cellulose nanofibers are also beginning to make an impact in composites and electronics applications.

Read more about nanofiber applications and market players here: http://www.futuremarketsinc.com/